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Conservative for District 38

Barry Milligan is a Conservative Republican with a proven record in the Louisiana State Senate.​ He is in a bid for a second term as District 38's State Senator. During his first term, Barry was successful in bringing back money to his district and making the right votes to adequately serve and represent his constituents. 

During his first term, Senator Barry Milligan has been the chairman of Senate Homeland Security, vice chairman of Senate Governmental Affairs, and several other committees and boards, including:

  • Senate Finance

  • Senate Agriculture

  • Senate Local and Municipal

  • Senate Military Affairs

  • Joint Budget

  • Joint Agriculture

  • Joint Budget Subcommittee on OTS

  • Joint Cybersecurity

  • US Energy Council

He also served on:

  • Senate Revenue & Fiscal Affairs

  • Joint Redistricting Commission

  • Centralized Sales Tax Study Commission

  • Other committees as an alternate

In 2020, Barry promised to not bring any new taxes, tort reform, tax reform, infrastructure funding, and to be an effective legislator. He has helped to bring each of those to fruition or made the right steps to get there. Barry was also a huge part of redistricting on the Senate side and was plagued with storms that made history as the chairman of Homeland Security in the Senate. Early in Barry's first term, COVID-19 took hold of Louisiana and the nation and he was an asset to the Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP). Barry and his team at GOHSEP were also pressed with tropical storms, hurricanes, including Hurricane Laura and Ida, Winter Storm Uri, 2 flood outbreaks and 2 tornado outbreaks.


This 4 years was unprecedented for Barry and any other Senate Homeland Security chairman!

Over 2 regular and 2 special sessions, Senator Milligan was able to have 18 bills signed into legislation and assisted with 5 others that were signed by the Governor. Barry helped to lock down funding for LSU Health Shreveport to the tune of $75 million, $3.5 million for LSU-Shreveport, $1.6 million for Greenwood's new Municipal Complex, $3.1 million for the Greenwood Road Extension, $14 million for projects in Stonewall, $3.7 million for the NLTC Nursing Lab in Mansfield, and over $9 million for projects in Logansport. He also secured over $1 million in cash appropriations for projects in his district and over $20 million for water sector projects.

Senator Barry Milligan will continue to be a champion for the constituents of Louisiana State Senate District 38, as well as Louisiana! Barry will also be prayerfully supported by other proven conservative Republican leaders, including United States Senator John Kennedy and Congressman Mike Johnson.


We need Barry Milligan for 4 more years in the State Legislature!

  • Capitol Security Council

  • Louisiana Commission on School and Nonprofit Safety (Chair)

  • Cyber Redhibition Task Force

  • State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Planning Committee

  • EV Task Force

  • Bond Commission

  • Senate GOP Executive Delegation Officer

  • GOP PAC Board Member

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